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7 Easy Ways to Kick Up your Customer Service

posted 2017-06-09 17:09:32.700 tags Corporate Travel Customer Service

At UNIGLOBE Travel Designers, we pride ourselves on having exceptionally high standards for customer service. Our team knows the client comes first and we consistently rise above competitors by always making them our top priority. In truth, the secret to our success often just comes down to the little things, and we want to share a few simple ideas that definitely make a difference. 




These easy tips and tricks are painlessly implemented into any kind of business, but simplicity aside, they really are the foundation of what’s helped make us an industry leader.

  1. Smile on the Phone: It sounds silly, but you can tell when there is a smile on the other end and it definitely makes a difference!
  2. Give Your Full Attention: It can be tempting to multi-task on the phone during the busy season, or you might find yourself anxious to get to the never ending pile of work instead of taking that client phone call right away. But giving the client your undivided attention without trying to rush them off the phone or simultaneously answer emails comes through just as much as smiling.
  3. Responsiveness: Even just an acknowledgement is key! Let your clients know you have received and are working on their request. UTD strives to respond within 2 hours of every email.
  4. Anticipate Unspoken Needs: If a client needs their flight changed, they’ll probably need to change their hotel reservation too. Or maybe we found a less expensive option the client never thought about. Stay focused on the client with attention to detail – whatever that means for your industry.
  5. Remembering Small Details: There are people who naturally remember the little things – like a client’s birthday or their favorite restaurant. For others, even utilizing a great CRM tool can help you take note of the little things so you can stand apart from the rest.


  6. 6. The Way You Say No: Sometimes requests are just not doable. It happens. But the client needs to know you have exhausted all other potential options and resources to try and make it happen first!
  7. “Surprise and Delight”: This is also dependent on your industry. For UTD it may mean we were able to have the client upgraded. Or we scored a complimentary candlelit dinner on the beach for someone’s honeymoon. Constantly thinking about how we can enhance our client’s experience is what sets us apart from our competition.

So how do you keep clients happy with your customer service? Tell us in the comments!

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